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Hey all!

Hey everyone!  I'm one of the first five, so I'm automatically accepted! Sweet!  I just want to say that I'm really happy to be here!  And, well, I'm really happy to be here.  I'm excited to meet everyone that joins and gets accepted!

♪♪ About You ♪♪
Name:  Lindsey Michelle
Age: 16
Location: Pennsylvania
Gender: Female
Grade: 10
Status (Single, dating, etc.): Single
Pick 5 words to describe yourself: misunderstood; intelligent; intimidating *laughs*; sarcastic; perfectionist
Hobbies: Reading, writing, driving in my car, being stupid, laughing, hanging with my friends, being bad, dancing, singing, acting, watching movies, and other stuff.
Fav. Musical: Bare: A Pop Opera; Bye Bye Birdie; Newsies (if you'd consider that a musical.  It kind of is, I mean, a movie musical); and Rent.
Your life's ambition:  My life's ambition is to grow up and to become a writer.  I don't want to be a world renown writer or anything, just to get at least one book published in my life.  I just love writing.  I don't have to be famous, I don't have to make a trillion dollars, I don't even have to make anything, I just want to be a writer.  Period.
Something you like about yourself: I like a lot about myself.  I like how I don't take any crap from people and I stand up for myself.  I like how I respect a lot of people and I like how I'm not judgemental.  I like how I can take criticism from people (as long as it's constructive).  I like how I like myself.  Period.
Something we should know about you:  Well, at home, I enjoy talking to myself.  *laughs*  I'm not crazy, I just like talking and when no one is around to talk to, I talk to the only person available. 

♪♪ Favorites ♪♪
At least-
4 bands: Gosh, I listen to all kinds of bands.  The bands I listen to aren't considered cool because they're kind of from the 60's.  *laughs*  What I normally listen to are: Beach Boys, Beatles, Monkees, Coasters, etc.  What most people can relate to that I also listen to are: Green Day, Switchfoot, Kutless, John Mayer, Good Charlotte, and many other bands.
10 movies: Newsies, The Village, The Breakfast Club, The Notebook, Black Hawk Down, Platoon, We Were Soldiers, Oh Brother Where Art Thou?, Not Another Teen Movie, Something's Gotta Give, The Day After Tomorrow, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, etc.
5 shows: Life As We Know It, American Idol, The Simple Life, Real World/Road Rules, American Dreams, The Mountain, Friends, I Love the 90's!, etc.
8 songs: I love so many songs, it's not funny.  "Once Upon A Time" from Bare: A Pop Opera; "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" by Green Day; "100 Years" by Five For Fighting; "Imagine" by John Lenon; "Another One Bites the Dust" by Queen; "Concrete Angel" by Martina MacBride; "1,000 Oceans" by Tori Amos; "Shadow" by Ashlee Simpson
4 actors/actresses: Reese Witherspoon, Julia Roberts, Tom Hanks, Robin Williams
2 books: I know this counts as a play and not a book, but it is one of my favorites: The Tragedy of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare; Johnathon Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach, A Separate Peace by John Knowels, (God I have so many) Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, etc.

Why should you be voted into this community?:  I think I should be voted in this community because I've always wanted to be in a rating community.  They look like a lot of fun and I think I'd be fair to the rest of the applicants.  Some people just write things like "No, because I don't like you" and they never explain why.  I know, it isn't for me to decide if they make it in or not, but I do have an opinion, and if I don't like them, I'll tell them why.  (ie. you're personality doesn't seem like one beneficial to this community, I don't like your music, etc.)  I think I'll be fair and I'll me courteous.


What do you think about Bush and the US's political standing:  I'm a Kerry fan myself, but I can't say anything bad about Bush at this point.  I think that he has taken his presidency to serious consideration and I honestly think he's doing the best he can.  Of course, no President can be perfect, but he's doing what he believes is right and I respect that.  He's not perfect, but who is.  If Kerry was in office, I'm sure he'd make mistakes too.  But I respect President Bush and I think he's doing a fine job.
Suicide? Well, being as I've tried committing suicide on more than one occasion when I was younger, I deeply resent it right now.  It is not hypocritical of me to do so.  I've dealt with it and I've seen the hurt it causes to people.  It's the simple way out.  It's the easy way out.  There are ways out of your problems and this isn't one of them.  If they can just hang in there a little longer, or get some help, they'll be fine.  There is no need to take your own life, because it rips apart the lives of all the other people who care about you.
Teh death penalty:  I know most people won't agree with my opinion on this, but as Anton Chekhov said "The death penalty is more humane than life imprisonment."  I think that if you commit a horrific crime (murder, etc.) you should be punished for it.  With the prisons nowadays, you get TV, comfortable accomodations (a prison cell...sort of comfortable), etc.  You don't have to work like other people.  And I don't think you want to spend the rest of your life looking at a plain white wall.  I think that if you commit a crime horrific enough, you should pay for it. 

pick a silly word: fanoodle
if you could change your name wut would it be and why: Paris.  Because I'm a Paris Hilton fan (obviously), but also because I think it's a beautiful name.  It's different from other names, and it just has beauty to it.
if you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why: somewhere in Maine.  I've been up there once and I absolutely loved it.  It is such a beautiful place and it is so peaceful.  My dream state right there!  I'd go back there in a heart beat.
pick a fictional character that best represents you. who is it, and why: I'd probably have to pick Peter from Bare.  He just kind of relates to me in a lot of ways.  He's trying to explain to his parents the way he is and why he is that way and they won't really listen to him.  He's torn between being the Catholic he wants to be and loving Jason.  He's confused and basically he's lost.  But even when things get really bad, he's not going to take the easy way out.  He leans towards God for guidance no matter what.
what do you think you were in a past life: I think I was a monkey or something.  I have no idea, to be honest with you.  I have double jointed arms and really long fingers, and when I was young I would always want to climb trees.  The only downfall of that generalization is that I'm allergic to bananas, so I don't know.  ://
pick some lyics taht represent you. wut r they and why do they represent you:
Anything else we should know? Something random, a story, a joke, a random picture? Alright.  This is just to show you how much of a sicko/idiot I am.  In 6th grade our teacher had on top of a bookshelf thing a box of dimes (for the girls, obviously).  The boys didn't know about them (thank God).  They were just if we needed them. Well my History/Math teacher next door, Mrs. Hoover, would sell snacks and soda in her room.  Well, I'd sneak over there and take like 10 or 15 dimes from the box and walk over to Mrs. Hoover's room and buy a soda with them.  *laughs*  I am so stupid.  I never got caught for it though.  If I would have, I would have been so embarrassed.
If today was your last day on earth, what 5 things would you do? I'd tell everyone that I know, I love them.  I'd present my diary to my parents so that they can know the real me.  I'd spend the whole day with the people I love, just laughing with them and not arguing or anything.  I wouldn't be a pain.  And I'd tell them how I feel about them.
do you know wut LOST is?: Yes, it is a television show.

first thing that comes to mind when you hear...

boobahhh: Ah!  You scared me!
cell: Phone!  Ringy-dingy!
dasani: H2O baby!  Hott!
sharpi: I love those pencils!
yoga: Something I desperately want to try.  I have a book on it, but no videos.
harry potter: I love the movies.  They're awesome!
soup: Tomato soup!
dvd: Best invention ever!
story: Everyone has stories, some find the words to tell them, some can't, and some aren't given the chance.
orchestra: Musical baby!  Bye Bye Birdie!
nursery rhyme: Mother Goose
out: like whoa!

post a pic of yourself (we're not judging on looks): Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of myself.  My dad refuses to get a digital camera until he decides it's time to get one.  *cries*  Once I do put my pictures up online, I'll put some up of me.  As for now, I don't have any. Wait...hang on let me look to be for sure.

I only have pictures of me looking really stupid.  I have one of me from Homecoming with my hair undyed, and one of me at my mom's graduation with my hair dyed.  EIther way, they both look equally hideous, but I'll post them anyway 'cause I was asked. 

See, I'm so f-ing stupid, it's not even funny.  I was doing that to everyone's camera, so I promised I'd do it to mine.

Alright, the one of me at my Mom's graduation isn't showing up.  I don't know why.  When I get the problem fixed, I'll put it up, as for now, it's just that stupid, idiotic looking one. 

post a pic of something random, or taht you like:

"Napoleon, go make yourself a dang quesadilla!"

A coatimundi = my favorite animal!

Just for you guys!

Well that is my application!  I want to thank everyone for caring to read it! 


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