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♪♪ About You ♪♪
Name: Andrea.
Age: Sixteen.
Location: East Rochester, New York.
Gender: Female.
Grade: Eleventh.
Status (Single, dating, etc.): Single.
Pick 5 words to describe yourself: Cheeserific, rad, delovely, sock monkey and fantabulous.
Hobbies: Writing, acting, singing, painting, drawing.
Fav. Musical: Phantom of the Opera.
Your life's ambition: Write a few novels.
Something you like about yourself: I'm frikken awesome.
Something we should know about you: Hmm.... I like cheese.

♪♪ Favorites ♪♪
At least-
4 bands: Bright Eyes, the Dresden Dolls, Cursive, Belle and Sebastian.
10 movies: Newsies, Rocky Horror, Phantom of the Opera, The Last Unicorn, Garden State, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Aladdin, The Muppet Movie, It (with Clara Bow) andddd The Pink Panther.
5 shows: South Park, The Fairly Odd Parents, I Love the 90s, Ed, Edd and Eddy and The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.
8 songs: "Pick Yer Nose" Ani DiFranco, "Lua" Bright Eyes, "Bohemian Like You" The Dandy Warhols, "The Point of No Return" Phantom of the Opera, "Come See the Duck" Deerhoof, "Coin Operated Boy" Dresden Dolls, "You're the Top" Cole Porter and "Take the A Train" Ella Fitzgerald.
4 actors/actresses: Johnny Depp, Jim Carrey, Gerard Butler and Angelina Jolie.
2 books: A Fine and Private Place and Eats Shoots and Leaves.

Why should you be voted into this community?: Because you're awesome.... I'm awesome..... This community's awesome.... It all works out.


What do you think about Bush and the US's political standing:
Suicide? I don't exactly know what Bush thinks about suicide. I personally think it's not what one should do. It ends your own life and hurts the people who love you the most.
Teh death penalty: Again, not sure what Bush thinks. I think that with aggravating circumstances, the death penalty is fine. I hate that saying "an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind" because it doesn't. People aren't that ignorant. And come on; if you were a mother and some bastard kidnapped, raped and murdered your child it is hardly fair not to see the bastard fry.

pick a silly word: Mantasmagorical.
if you could change your name wut would it be and why: I really wouldn't ever change my name. I REALLY like it.
if you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why: Hmmm... Sweden. They're socialists and have a very temptingly good government from what I remember of an artical I read.
pick a fictional character that best represents you. who is it, and why: Oh goodness. I greatly dislike this question. I hate picking things that represent me... erm.... OH! That leperchun, Lucky, from the Lucky Charms box. He always comes up with these clever plans that get messed up by some stupid cavity-lusting children. That kinda represents my let downs and all.
what do you think you were in a past life: Let's pretend I was Shakespeare. He was awesome. And he died on his birthday. I've always yearned for that fate.
pick some lyics taht represent you. wut r they and why do they represent you:
And I hide behind these books I read
While scribbling my poetry
Like art could save a wretch like me
With some ideal ideology
That no one could hope to achieve
And I'm never real, it's just a sketch of me
And everything I’ve made is trite and cheap and a waste
- - Bright Eyes "Waste of Paint"
They represent me because I tend to hide within my art and I'm almost never MYSELF even though I truly strive to be.
Anything else we should know? Something random, a story, a joke, a random picture?

If today was your last day on earth, what 5 things would you do? I'd finish "Adelle" (a novel I'm working on), make sure everyone knew I loved them, eat a lot of tacos, spend a lot of time with my family and listen to a lot of music.
do you know wut LOST is?: Well, I certainly have HEARD of it.

first thing that comes to mind when you hear...

boobahhh: BWAH!
cell: Phone.
dasani: Umm... Masani?
sharpi: MARKER!
yoga: Yogi Bearrrr...
harry potter: Hot.
dvd: Fun to watch. May scratch. AHHH!
story: Book.
orchestra: Phantom of ze Opera.
nursery rhyme: Mary had a little lambbbb. Little lamb. Little lamb. Mary had a little lamb whose fleece was white as snow.
out: Like Woah.

post a pic of yourself (we're not judging on looks):

post a pic of something random, or taht you like:
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